The Beginning of the End

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The Beginning of the End Empty The Beginning of the End

Post by Eden on Tue Sep 24, 2019 10:42 pm

X = Year/Date, as yet undetermined


X - Tears begin appearing across the planet.

X - Enough time has passed that the [SPECIES NAME] see these rips in the fabric of reality as natural phenomena and have long become used to their presence. Advancement in the field studying them is slow.

X - Work on the A.I ‘Forgotten Chronicler’ from [SPECIES NAME] myth begins.

X - The people become uneasy as rifts are suddenly beginning to appear en masse.

X - Forgotten Chronicler A.I is completed and awoken. Chooses the name ‘Eden’ after seeing it on someone’s grave.

X - Eden discovers he can close the rift ‘cracks’ appearing across the planet.

X - Several rifts suddenly open at once and destroy varying parts of the world. [SPECIES NAME] begins to panic.

X - Project to create more A.I similar to Eden is underway. Their hope is that with enough synthetics, they can use them to successfully close every rift and protect their planet.

X - Project is halted when rifts tear apart their facilities.

X - Bunkers that contained highly infectious diseases are destroyed, releasing them all at once. Only a few pathogens survive to infect and kill a notable number of [SPECIES NAME].

X - The world is being decimated by rifts, atmospheric and tectonic changes, eradication of farmland, etc. Cities have been completely abandoned. The people flock to Eden’s side once the news that he can close dangerous rifts is spread.

X - Survivors do not have enough food to subsist on in various zones. Cannibalism becomes rampant.

X - Eden’s group comes into contact with infected. Numbers drop steeply. Those left never leave his side.

X - Cannibals believe and spread rumor that if one consumes the flesh of those that are/were in Eden’s care, they will gain the power he has over tears.

X - Numbers in Eden’s group drops further as they are actively hunted.

X - The horror of the planets current state, the eradication of those who sought his protection, and the likelihood of [SPECIES NAME] never recovering leads to Eden making the conscious choice to deactivate himself.

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