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Location Template

Common Name

Formal Name: Any formal title of your organization.
Capital or Headquarters: The seat of government of your organization, or wherever it is controlled from, if applicable.
Government: Shorthand for the organization's system of government, if applicable. e.g Representative Democracy. You can elaborate on this later.
Head of Government/Leader: The big cheese, whoever calls the shots if there is one.
Population or Number of Employees: How many people belong to your organization.
Official Language(s): Any language or languages that the government uses for official purposes. Informal languages can be listed if labeled as informal.
Demonym: What people from your organization are called.
Created by: Good to label your work.
Demographics (How your population breaks down)
99% Human
1% Skrell

Race/Ethnicity (Mixed should almost always be highest, it's the space future dammit)
60% Mixed
20% Asian
10% Latino
15% Eskimo

100% Skrell

Religion (If applicable)
100% Atheist

A general summary of your organization, faction, or corporation.

Founded: Date your location was founded or construction began.
Disbanded: Date your organization collapsed, was destroyed, or disbanded, if applicable.
From founding to today, how did your organization come into being and where is it now?

Government and Politics or Operations (Pick whichever is applicable)
How is your organization run? Are there any major ongoing events?

Foreign Relations
Is your organization part of SolGov, or any other organization? What are its relationships with other interstellar factions?

Defense and Law Enforcement
What, if any military, law enforcement, or asset protection does your organization possess? If not a part of another organization, what happens to criminals?

The holdings and borders of your organization, whether a handful of stations or an interstellar alliance. Link to any written locations here.

Natural or artificial resources within an organization's territory. e.g. ore-rich asteroid fields, particularly fertile planets, phoron gas giant, etc.

Motives and Beliefs
What philosophy or creed drives your organization? Does it have any goals or objectives it is actively pursuing.

What kind of culture or traditions are present? Is there any ethnic tradition that has continued?

What do your people do for fun?

Economy and Assets
Imports: What does it buy?
Exports: What does it sell?
How is money made? Is it a major trade power? Is it rich or poor? What belongs to this organization? Does it have any fleets?

Any major infrastructure of an organization's holdings like gate networks, communications, or trade routes.

Science and Technology
How advanced is your organization? Is it about on the level with the rest of society, or more primitive? What is the most common form of transportation?

Hazards and Crime
An optional section to go over any dangers or crime within your organization, unless your organization is a criminal one, then this section is superfluous.

Restricted Information
This is information only known to members of the organization, or those close to it. It could be classified, a trade secret, or only known in rumor.

Notable People, Places, and Things
Any important people, places, or things that are worth noting.

Sub Feature 1
This would be an interesting feature of some kind, like a politician, subfaction, major asset, or facility.

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