Creating a Memorable Villain

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Creating a Memorable Villain Empty Creating a Memorable Villain

Post by Eden on Mon Oct 14, 2019 11:50 am

  • Divert expectations. Begin with a hero; a strong idealist who believes in all the good the world has to offer, but has not suffered many tribulations yet.

  • Describe ideals, ambitions and motivator

  • Fear can incite change in a character and begin their story when utilized as a narrative tool

  • Examples: Failure, the unknown, mortality, isolation, disappointment, public shame, irrational phobias, love, disability, debt

  • The best starting point for a villain is someone who seems incorruptible

  • Sources of "sinful" actions: Mental dispositions, jealousy, desperation, insecurity, selfishness, fear

  • Number of evil deeds greater than good; one 'major' that overshadows all of the good they have done

  • Almost all people begin the same; it's what their journey does to them that changes their outlook

  • "Bad People" or "Villains" are a myth

  • Building your villains presence: Connect their past or future to the heroes; share their goals with the heroes

  • The most important aspect of a villain is their greatest misconception

  • Adding options to evil motivations: Regrets, shame, focus on too many "what ifs"

  • The first step toward villainy: To nullify the threat, X destroys X's wealth, company, and, accidentally, X's loving family

  • Revenge: The destructive motivator. Anyone who suffers can blame and attack someone else.

  • Knowing what they're willing to sacrifice, where they want this story to end, and what their methods are

  • What does your villain value? What do they have to lose? Do they stand by a creed?

  • What a villain has to lose: X has no one they love anymore, but themselves. Spent of their life gathering wealth, and doesn't want to waste it. Their company is all they have after destroying their relationships.

  • Villain's endgame: To make X know the pain that comes with losing everything you love, then watch the life drain from their eyes.

  • The fatal risk of chasing revenge: When you finally have it... what else is left? Are you even still yourself?

  • Villain's methods: Their declining mental health went unnoticed by everyone, so their insanity is now unpredictable and their demons unchecked. What little of them is left is now afraid of what they have become. Collects living, human test subjects. Is as inhuman and immoral as MK Ultra. Doesn't sleep, which accelerates "transformation". Delirium becomes only friend and deadliest enemy.

  • Effects of villain's methods: Random disappearances and kidnappings. Risks large scale destruction. Temporal disturbances. Attacking the innocent, because they represent failure and refusal.

  • Anyone can become a villain; all it takes is a little tribulation.

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Creating a Memorable Villain Empty Re: Creating a Memorable Villain

Post by YunaUisce on Tue Dec 17, 2019 2:10 pm

I can't tell if you wrote this or this was inspired by a guide of sorts.

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